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The hottest trend in brows since ...well.... EVER!  Micorblading!  Its virtually impossible for anyone not to have heard of microblading by now. Embroidered brows, 3D brows, HD brows, micropigmentation, microstrokes, hairstrokes, feathering, powder brows.... they are all different terms and some slightly different techniques, but what they are all referring to is this magical brow trend!  It is transforming the world of eyebrows and has lived up to its fame.  If your like me, you have tried everyEyeBrow gel, Eyebrow powder, stencil and eyebrow pencil that is out there.  Tredging through my never ending quest to turn my baby blonde, wimpy brows into Vogue status eyebrows.  Sometimes I feel like they are on point... others... well... lets just say I have had some real bad eyebrow days!  And I know I am not alone on this rollercoaster of eyebrow drama!  How about going swimming and not losing my brows!  The struggle is real my friends, and I know that there are millions of women out there that feel my pain.  But ladies, we have the solution.  It may seem scary,  Its not!  It many seem painful, Its not! and it may seem unrealistic, Its not!   Trust me!  Microblading will change your brow life! Im obsessed with it and want to let all of my ladies share in my excitment!  Let me get those brows on point!


Manual hairstroke eyebrow application

2 sessions (minumum of 4 weeks apart)                              $500.00 

Microblading Touch-up

Recomended every 18 months after initial procedure              $100.00