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Permanant Makeup Services

No More Smudged, Smeared or worn off Makeup...Make yours permanent!

Who is a candidate for permanant makeup?

Anyone that loves the look of a finished face ... 

Sometimes its allergies that can prevent you from having the look you want. Maybe your just not very good with makeup in general.  Imagine having the freedom of waking up every morning looking and feeling fresh and finished.  Permanant makeup can offer this freedom to your life.

Women in general have a tendancy to gain hair where we dont want it and lose it where we do, such as our chin and eyebrow :)  For those of you who know this first hand, and miss the days when your eyebrows were soemthing you took for granted, Microblading may be right up your alley.  You may have heard it called Embroidered eyebrows or 3D Brows.  Whatever you have heard it called, we just call it wonderuful!  This technique has actually been around for years but it has recent ly taken social media by storm and poeple everywhere are looking to wear it.  We offer the hottest new microblading technque, along with full powder brows, Ombre shading and more.

We start with a consutltion and allergy testing (optional).  A full brow design with our personalized color match starts your first session.  We do an in depth design tailoring the brow according to the dimensions of your nautral brow line, face shape and structure.  Regardless of how much hair is or is not there.  We then talk about customization to your personal preferences.  

The idea of permantant makeup is to enhance the natural beauty of your face.  Our goal is always to give you a natural looking, enhanced appearance.  We don encourage dramatic trends or exotic colors as these change over time.  We strive to give you stunning, long lasting enhanced features that work well with your additional evening wear makeup.  So go ahead and wing that eyeliner and bling up those lashes!  We would like to give you a natural enhnacment that saves you time and hassle every morning.  

We are certified and highly trained through the state of Colorado.  Osha compliant. We believe that client health and safety is above all else.  We use only the highest quality of pigments that are specifically for use in facial cosmetics.  All of our needles are disposable and single use only.